Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall, Fall, Fall

Okay, I love Fall, not as much as I love Summer, but the colors and everything are so pretty. I have to admit though, even though that mountain didn't have the prettiest colors I do miss the colors that were on the mountain by us that burned down. Those who don't know our city had a HUGE fire that burned like crazy. It was a def eye opener about getting our act together and finishing up our emergency planning.
For reflections at his school Colby decided to do a photograph. So we went outside and took some great pictures.

We also had a great week down in St. George while Colby was off track. The beginning of the summer we purchased a house down in St. George, so those that we know and who love to vacation down there we do rent it out for great rates:) Allen ran the marathon, or as he said, "walk" but either way he finished and we are VERY proud of him. I love the example he set for our boys of setting his goal and reaching it. We are also very appreciative to Allen's Uncle Mark who pushed him through the race and also supported him throughout it. We had a great weekend with them at St. George Almost there....

First Day of Preschool

Brody was SOOOO excited to go to his new preschool. After making a horrible choice in his preschool last year (think glorified daycare) we chose to put him in the same pre-K school as Colby went. They opened one near us and we were extremely excited as they have a very good teaching plans etc..... We let Brody go to the school to look around last Spring and had him very pumpled up about it. Here he is on his way.
He is getting so big and is so fun to have around the home. I am excited that he finally seems very interested in learning. I think he learned more in the first two days at this school then we did for the past year in the previous one. We LOVE Sunshine Square and they have a bunch of campuses!!!

First Day of 2nd Grade

The title first day of 2nd grade just makes me seem old!! We are so proud of all Colby has accomplished at school and how hard we works. I hope his teacher didn't think he was to much of a punk, I told him no on the 1st day of school, but let him go the seond day with with a mowhawk!! He has loved school and is reading at a very high level. He also is doing good with math, I can't believe he will be learning multiplication tables this year. 2nd grade and I already wont want to help him with the homework. I am excited about all the great friends he is making and how hard he works at making good choices. Such a cute kid!