Sunday, April 13, 2008

Toilet Days

I haven't posted anything for a while, I know many people have emailed asking us to post more, so here is my excuse...... It started like any other day, BUSY, but it did start with Brody putting a toy in the toilet, hmmm bad start. Then while the boys were having lunch, mommy went into the bathroom and dropped her phone in the toilet, for a half a second I thought of flushing it down, but then I remembered there is a small chance I might be able to recover it, so I grabbed the towel and fished it, now hopefully your asking why the towel? Is it waterproof? No of course not apparently I just wanted to add to my laundry for the day, well at exactly the same time I pulled the phone out of the toilet, my youngest son threw up in the kitchen and of course started crying. Hmmmm I wouldn't mind doing that right now, which one you may ask? Both probably. Well I drop the phone go into the kitchen, help my son take his shirt off, put a towel over the mess, sit him down at the table and give him the banana he wanted instead of making him eat his lunch like I previously asked. Did I mention the Guilt I was feeling?? Back to the bathroom, pick up the phone get the battery out, sim card out, trying blow drying it, lay it out on the towel to dry. Hmmmm... okay what do I do next? Well I need to get a back up phone from Allen so I can make sure to have access to clients calling. Well, we haven't really set up our home phone yet soooo, ahhh internet of course, get my laptop to IM my hubby to bring me home a backup phone, and the internet doesn't work, try and re-set the internet, try again, no go. I believe the Technology People are against me! I am starting to feel trapped with not outside access!!! Plug in the home phone and wait a couple hours for it to charge before I can get help. So you might be wondering my excuse?? Ever since that day I have not been able to get my wireless internet working, so I am borrowing one of my hubby's laptops and waiting to get mine fixed where my pictures are on to post!! So look for future updates, hopefully