Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Life is good.... We have been busy, busy, busy. June just FLEW by and yes I realize it isn't quite over yet, but it will be soon and I swear it was just May. Things we've been up toAllen

Allen had his birthday and is getting OLD, he he. No, really he is getting old, but acting young. He kinda got a low key birthday, I took him out for lunch and then Brody had his preschool program so we did pizza and went to that. After I took him to his favorite ice cream place, FROGURTS. He loves that place! Besides working on getting old this month, Allen ran the Wasatch Back RAGNAR Relay Race. He said he loved it and it was a lot of fun. I think running is crazy, but glad he has found something he really enjoys that he can do at his old age. We are really proud of him and I love the dedication and hard work he shows our boys. We enjoyed Fathers Day at Park City after the RAGNAR, that was a ton of fun. We are so grateful to have such an Amazing father and husband in our house and I hope he always remembers, WE ARE THE LUCKY ONES:) (to bad he never reads this blog though....)


Busy, Busy, Busy, I have enjoyed have friends in town this month and visiting with others. The Real Estate Business was crazy hectic and I have been tying down all the loose ends for the, Road Home Christmas in July event that I am chairing in July. Life has been crazy and busy and lovin every minute of it!


Almost done with school, almost, almost..... Colby loves school so he isn't to heartbroken, but I can't wait till he is done so we can get our summer going!! Colby has loved helping coach Brody's soccer team this year. He is an awesome big brother. He is really into drawing and making projects lately. He loves to play with his friends and play outside. He is really excited to swim and loved it when we were down in St. George where he could swim everyday. He thinks he is one of the adults and informed me the other day that since we have 6 seats in the back of our car that means we need to have 3 more kids, YEAH RIGHT! He is our reader, he is very good at it and will read anything he can and really enjoys chapter books. I am excited that he loves school and learning it really makes it easier to send a kid to school. The other day Colby was telling me something and I wasn't really believing him, so he goes, "If you don't believe me just ask Jesus, he will tell you I am telling the truth" I'll have to remember some of his other Colbyisms and put them on here.

Our big preschool graduate (He has another year of preschool, but they call that pre-k now) Brody loves being a big brother and does have to remind everyone that he is "big" now. He is big into wanting to play with friends and I wish we had more kids in our neighborhood his age. He loves to color and draw things and of course play, play, play. He is very concerned about Cops right now and whomever is driving him around will be informed whenever he sees one and told to SLOW down. The other day I go, "you are just watching our for me, huh Brody?" He goes, "NO mom the cops are watching for you" LOL, he is so funny. He is starting to recognize the letters and whenever he sees a capital B, he goes, "Look mom it's my name" We were at Colby's school the other day and one of the teachers names started with a B, Brody goes, "Mom, they have my name on there that means they are going to let me in" Very funny. Brody is big on his Why's right now, but he doesn't' just ask why, he makes it more complicated such as, "Why does Jesue let people be bad" , "Why did Jesus put Tigers here" anything you can imagine he will add it in a why. The other day, I was laughing at something he was saying and I said, "Brody who made you so funny?" immediately says, "from Jesus" I of course laugh, but he immediately goes, "no Mom, I'm serious" How did I get a funny, self-aware child. By the way if you want a chuckle you need to have Brody say, serious, think of a drunk guy, the way he slurs it, I love it.

Porter is really doing awesome, he is up with all his milestones and such a GOOD baby. He sleeps through the night most cases, as long as a schedule doesn't get to hectic. He is starting to roll over back to front, not yet the other way though. He loves people and being held. He is spoiled, spoiled. His favorite position is standing (with help of course) and facing you to "talk". I love the sound of him talking to himself in the morning and his laughter when we are taking his shirt off and it tickles. He has had his heart checked out and received a relatively clean bill on it. They did mention he has a loose valve on the left side that allows the blood to regurgitate for a second, but they weren't concerned at all on the effect and said there were probably tons of people walking around with the same thing and would never know it. We will get him checked out again at 6 months to see if it has healed. He has had slight torticolus and we have had a "teacher" coming twice a month since his 3 months working on it. Because of his diagnosis he is automatically qualified in the state program. When they first came out at 3 months and was tested, he didn't qualify for the program based on the test because he has so far reached all the milestones, but because we have a diagnosis of Mosaic Downs, he is allowed in the program so we can work on not having any possible delays. He is doing awesome (yeah I know using that word a bit) the service coordinator that came out today said she was amazed with his strength and thought we was doing awesome (her words not mine, he he) He really is doing great and we LOVE having him our family. He is such a cute baby and everyone is absolutely smitten by him!
Life is good, I hope everyone else is starting out with a great summer!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Begins

Summer has begun, but not officially for us, Colby is still in school for another TWO WEEKS, pretty lame, but we will endure!! We started off with a great Memorial Weekend in St. George, the boys LOVED the good weather and we had my style of vacation, looking at homes:) Plus getting lots of swimming action in.

Thinking they are so cool with there sunglasses and hats on! Hanging outside the condo

Nothing like getting some ice cream and hanging out at a park in the shade! (and yes because we went under shade, I needed my jacket, LOL)

Chillin at a splash pad, we visited at least two of them, Porter saying, "no, to bright!" Had a great vacation with the family, glad we will be doing many more!!!