Monday, June 1, 2009

Questions Answered

We are going to answer all the questions on here that everyone is asking:)

1- YES we are expecting our third child
2- The Due date is around January 20, 2010
3- Yes I am sick, but so far it is just nausea, so we are crossing our fingers that it doesn't get worse like the past two, my goal is to always have food in the tummy:)
4- We are not really hoping for a boy or a girl, I know many of you guys are hoping for a girl, but if we have a boy we are actually really good with that. (We have all the stuff you need:)

I think that is all the questions, but if I missed one feel free to ask and Thank you for everyones response and concern! Our kids are so lucky to have the love they have from all of our family and friends!

Brody Singing

Brody loves to sing in the car, here is a video trying to catch him doing it. The problem is once you look at him, he will quit