Monday, February 2, 2009


Since Colby is on year around school and he is off the month of January we wanted to do something to fill the month. Especially since January is the sloooowest month of the year for me. Initially we were going to go to Arizona and visit friends and family, but our son Brody is a Mickey fanatic, and we figured since he is free till he turns three, lets take advantage and go to Disneyland!! We were going to fly, but decided with all the luggage and with where our dates hit on coming and going we preferred to drive....

Key's to driving with two boys for 6 hours at a time
1- DVD Player
2-LOTS of DVD's
3- Headphones to watch the DVD's so you don't have to hear the movie the whole time
4-Books on Tape, for you while the boys have their headphones on and for the kids when they don't
5- Limit the amount of movies, watch a movie, color or read a book etc..(but bring seperate bags for each kid)
6- Crackers (so no junk food tummy aches)and water bottles to limit stops
7- Boys, so that when they have to go pee really quick you can actually just pull over
The drive wasn't a problem, but Thurs night before we left Brody woke up all sick, so knowing how he gets we immediately took him to the doctor and got prescriptions on an inhaler and on the Nebulizer medicine. We headed out Friday at 4:30 (the plan was three and make it to Cedar City and find a hotel) By the time we hit Payson, Brody was really wheezing, we didn't have an actual nebulizer because the Walgreens and Walmart in SLC didn't have any and all the Medical Supply places were closed. We saw a Rite Aid off the freeway and decided to try them. Nebulizers usually run around 100 to 150.00. When we asked the Rite Aid they told us they did not, but the Payson Market had one. Which luckly was still opened. We went over there and not only did they have one, but it was a race car style (Brody thought that was cool) and it was only 40.00 bucks!!! Wow that was awesome. We gave Brody his inhaler and headed off again, went to Fillmore and got a great hotel where we were able to help Brody out and the boys were able to go swimming in the pool. Not the best start, but not to bad either!!

The next morning we headed off to Circus, Circus, (f you stay there stay in the new remodeled West Tower, nice rooms) where the boys enjoyed all the games!

After that we got went to a Resort Hotel next to Legoland, great rooms (as I am very picky about the rooms) and awesome views of the sun setting over the ocean.

The next morning (Monday) we were going to Legoland, so we let the boys swim for alittle bit then put them down to sleep.

My brother told us we could do Legoland for half a day, so we meandered and were slow for the first half, but then we realized if we didn't pick it up we wouldn't even make it to half the park! We did get to almost everything!
I concentrated so hard on my boys I kinda forgot about Batman (and his face)

Brody being "sad" and tired because he couldn't find Colby (in the bathroom)

Colby's favorite ride, he got to drive these cars without a track and he was sooo cautious about stopping at the stop signs and green lights, it was great!

Brody's favorite ride, he yelled giddie up, the WHOLE time:)

Legoland was great, and not crowded even though it was a somewhat holiday (Martin Luther King Day, or Humans Rights, not sure what Cali calls it)

The next day was our day to get to Anneheim and relax before Disneyland. We ate breakfast at a Danish place where we had some great pasteries, then we decided to go to the beach, we knew it would be too cold to get into the water, (no one told all those surfers that though) but thought the boys might enjoy seeing it. Brody wouldn't get too close to the water, but Colby went with Allen down and walked along the shore. I saw a couple Dolphins so I thought that was pretty cool. Allen and I decided we want to retire in Carlsband, CA!

They also enjoyed burying themselves in the sand

I was hoping I would have more time to update this during the superbowl, but now I do need to get back to work, so I'll finish another day. (hopefully sooner than later!)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Merry Christmas to all

As everyone knows I am a horrible blogger, but we did have a GREAT Christmas and hope everyone also enjoyed theirs.
My highlight was this year was every week we decided to do something for someone else, one of the weeks we went through and put christmas tags on a bunch of stuffed animals and went to a Old folks, rehab home that our friend Katie works at. It was great to see the boys hand out the stuffed animals and especially to see my boys who HATE kisses and my shy Brody who will usually never go near anyone he doesn't know, accept hugs and KISSES from these Grandma's.
The boys had a great Christmas and I love this time of year, but have decided I HATE the shopping. I tried once when I didn't have the boys to go shopping and I walked into Walmart went to the back of the store, turned around and walked back out, it was soooo crowded. I went home, went online and did most of the rest of my shopping online. I use to make fun of people who started shopping June before, but this year it might happen!

We got a REAL tree this year and it turned out very nice, Allen loves real tree's I personally hate spending the money on them and our luck in the past hasn't been the best, but this one survived from the weekend after Thanksgiving through Christmas. (Yes we had a tree up all through December, usually we get on up the week before Christmas) Also we found a tree lot a couple blocks from our home and they delivered it for free to us! That always helps. I didn't get a picture after it was decorated though, big bummer.

We did get other opportunities for the boys to visit Santa, Brody wouldn't get near him.
We were even lucky enough to get a personal visit to our house from Santa, the boys must of been really good this year! My brother just happened to be visiting signing papers for his new house so Lexi also got to see Santa, she was about as thrilled as Brody at the prospect.
Brody is even smiling!!! I think it has more to do with the candy cane than being by Santa!

Christmas is always full of fun and parties! It was great seeing everyone and enjoying the Holidays with family and friends.
Allen and I wanted to go "light" this year, but it seems to not happen as usual, the boys were spoiled rotten from all their great grandpa, grandma's and Uncles, Aunts and Cousins.
Christmas Morning

Wondering why they got a tinkerbell movie...

It was snowing REALLY hard at our house Christmas morning and we are grateful that everyone was able to make it out there, some got stuck on their way back out, but what is Christmas without insane amounts of snow!

The night ended with a movie downstairs with the Robins, as Daddy's present was speakers and Mommy's was a new couch!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New year (belated...)

Our Handsome 6 year old and 2 year old

Pictures with Santa?

Egberts invited us to the mall to get pictures with Santa, so we took some before, headed up to Santa, where we were informed we were not allowed to take our own pictures. I'm going to call LAME on South Towne Mall and Kiddie Kandis.

Happy 6th Birthday Colby!!!

WOW where has my baby gone? Colby really wanted a suit like his daddy for his birthday, so here is our handsome boy all dressed up.

He wanted a sledding party which every past year would of worked great, except this year. So last minute we did a Pirate party.

The boys started out walking the plan blindfolded, then they were divided into teams and had treasure hunt where they found their pirate stuff.

Most of the pictures were on Allen's camera, but the boys found their bandana's, swords, eyepatches, and other pirate stuff. Colby had a lot of fun with his friends and was very thankful for all the great stuff he got!

Family Parties were great also, and Colby is very lucky for all the support he gets.

Picnic Time- November

The boys really wanted a picnic, but it was waaay to cold outside even though their wasn't snow yet, so I convinced them to have one in our Family Room. They thought that was a lot of fun.

Cousin Love

We have a new addition to our family, Hunter Jacobson, Travis's boy was born this past August (yes right around the opener of Hunting Season). My boys are VERY baby hungry, they just adore Hunter and want to always play with him and hold him. This is when we were babysitting Hunter last December.

They also adore Hunter's older sister, Lexi, she is on a pedestal in their world.