Saturday, April 25, 2009

Here are the rules...
Open your Picture folder on your computer.
Pick the 6th Folder
Select the 6th picture in that folder.
Post that picture on your blog...and the story that goes along with it.
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Okay so I am waiting for my hubby to return with our redbox and saw that I was tagged so here it goes....

Awww I could go on and on about who this picture is of, my adorable first born Colby! He was such a good baby, this particular picture was taken the day after we got out of the hospital. My mom is holding him, she came over and held him while me and Allen had probably the best and last naps of our lives.... Okay maybe exaggerating but it was a good nap, Thanks Mom!! (and much needed as he woke up every hour that night screaming his lungs off because he wasn't getting enough food)
I tag
Brandi (and Brandie)
and anyone else!!

April Showers brings... Soccer

So Brody begged me to let him play soccer this year, he was so excited when I found a league that he was old enough to play (barely by two weeks) He met his coach a week ago and HATED IT, they were suppose to do a team of 3 and 4 year old and 5 &6, but they didn't have enough sign up so they combined 3, 4 and 5 and his luck is he is on a team with a lot of 5 year olds. I couldn't get him to go to practice or anything and was planning on taking him out after this first game. He said his teammates didn't like him and was very intimidated. When Brody visited Grandpa and Grandma J this week he invited them to come see him play and that is where I discovered the secret.... BRODY LOVES ATTENTION. It started raining right before his game (and finished right after, talk about luck) but Brody ran out on the field and had a grin the whole time. He even ran in the right direction a couple times, but he was so busy checking every few minutes that we were all watching he missed the soccer ball going right by him a few times. (He even chewed Colby out for leaving and playing for a while) After the game he was sure to mention that he wanted Grandpa and Grandma there next week then he goes and Lexi's Dad ...... actually Travis and Lexi we started laughing so he didn't get to finish the list. As long as he has fun the whole point is getting him around other kids and playing so we will keep him in.
Getting all excited to go play (from the camera phone so blury)

Friday, April 24, 2009


Brody is very ANTI potty training right now, everything I try he basically ignores me (Except the shooting cheerios in the toilet, then he got mad and told me that you EAT those not put them in the toilet). So I decided I would just bring it up here and there but back off so the other day I was changing again a Stinky diaper and as I was changing it I decided to ask him, "Why he didn't use the potty" to my SHOCK he goes, "Well if you stopped hasslin me" WHAT, so I was so shocked I had to say, "what did you say" and he repeated it!! I couldn't stop laughing after I told him okay we would try it his way. BUT if my son is old enough to know the word hasslin and ability to use it in a correct sentence I think he is old enough to change his own diapers. (I wish) Anyways any suggestions would be great??? Brody is very stubborn and so I know he needs to have choices and things need to be his idea, sooo I guess we will wait and hope he decides before preschool starts:)