Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Brody's Many Phrases....

Ohh the sweet phrases that are coming out of the mouth of our soon to be two year old...
"Mama ... Go Away"
"Mamma ... You Stinky" This is what happens when you ask your kid if he is stinky all the time!
"I want some...."
"Daddy ... I do it myself" Oh it is just the beginning
"I Looooove You" Awww.... makes everything worth it!!
His other favorite words, "HI, chocolate, thirsty, drink, MORE, hungry.....

Thursday, February 21, 2008

PJ Time

Love the boys in their Pj's. Colby was on a campout with Allen and his cousin Cooper. When it was time to get Pj's on Cooper pulled on "footsie" Pj's. Colby immediately tells Cooper those are Baby Pj's (which unfortuantely I believe I told him that once when he wanted to buy some) Allen came to Coopers rescue and told Colby they weren't. Well guess what!! Of course Colby wanted to buy Footsie Pj's. So this is their matching pair, Colby loves them, but Brody HATES them and will not sleep through the night if he wears them, Go Figure!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's a Bleeder

Hmmm... what child would I be talking about? Oh I should offer a prize for whomever guesses, but we all know that the answer would be Brody. Colby and Brody were playing downstairs, Allen and I were trying to pack when all of a sudden we hear Colby yell, "Brody got hurt" We run downstairs as Brody is fussing coming up with his forehead GUSHING! Thank Goodness Daddy was there because Mommy was a little shocked. Daddy grabbed Brody and mommy grabbed a washcloth, and put it against Brody's head. Mommy was worried that we were going to have to take him to the hospital and get stiches and on and on...... Thank Goodness it just hit a vein and clotted very quickly and wasn't as bad as it looked. Ohhhh and this is just the beginning.