Sunday, January 20, 2008

Our New Home

I've promised a lot of people that I would post some pictures of our new home, we are really excited and think we might of found the "final" home!

We really don't have great pictures of the inside, so all you friends of ours that live out of town, you will just need to take a trip to visit!! We even have a guest room for you!

Here is the kitchen, Allen is in LOVE with the cabinets, I prefer darker, but the nice thing is this house is move in ready so everything we do will be upgrades to fit our needs, not fixing!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

With buying a new home, selling a home and the normal stresses of the Holiday Season we did not get around to sending cards out. We did want to take the time to wish EVERYONE a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! We missed all of you we couldn't see this season and hope you had a very good holiday season

Decorating the Tree

We took awhile to get our tree up because of all the showings we were getting on our home (FYI, we are selling our home) Finally we had a night where I was able to decorate the house! The boys loved decorating the tree and were proud of how it turned out. Colby goes, "Mom when they come see the house they will say, what a pretty home this is, it looks like Christmas" He is adorable! Here is the outcome

After we enjoyed some Hot Cocoa and a Christmas Story

Gingerbread House

Our friends invited Colby and Brody over to make a gingerbread house! Liz Egbert (one of my old beehives, yes I am getting old) and her boyfriend Colton had all the materials and helped them decorate it. The had a lot of fun and Brody really loved sneaking the candy

The finish product, I dont' know what was harder to get Colby to smile or Colton

Snow Day

It Snowed Today, I promised the boys we could go sledding (we have a great little hill in our backyard) but when we looked for the sled I couldn't find it! (Later found out that Daddy packed it) We decided instead to build a snowman! So we went out front and because mommy didn't have snow shoes on we started building it off the side of the sidewalk. Well that is really hard to do actual rolls of big balls when your limited on where you can walk. So I thought, "who needs balls for a snowman lets just pile the snow in one big hill and sculpt it" (ha ha is right) While we were doing that, our neighbor came outside with her kids and started making a real snowman the right way. It only took them 10 minutes and as Colby noticed, was MUCH bigger than ours. What to do, what to do, I knew I had to come up with an idea quick because Colby was not going to let me leave our snowman the way it was.

This is what we came up with

A Snow Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!!!
Colby thought it was SO COOL! The bandana is orange so I believe Colby told me his name was Michelangelo. He loved it and was so worried the first night that we left it outside, until I convinced him that it was better for him.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

December "Colbyisms"

********* Your NOT Santa *********
Colby's Uncle Travis called him in the beginning of December to ask him what he wanted for Christmas, Colby pauses on the phone, then goes, "Your Not Santa"

******** Santa Baby**********
We were sitting in church when Colby noticed a baby girl two rows back in a cute little "santa" outfit, he looks at me and goes, "Mom that is a santa baby", I nod my head to agree and then Colby all of a sudden (yes in the middle of everything) started singing, "Santa Baby", ".... Coming Down the Chimney Tonight" Allen, I and everyone else started laughing.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday to Colby!!!

He had a blast with his friends at a "bouncing park" where they were Ninja Turtles, ate cake and played!!