Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The New Year Running...

We had a very eventful New Year and very fitting for all the weddings earlier to celebrate a wedding New years eve. First and foremost Welcome to the Family Natalie!!! We are so excited to get to know you better and all the fun things the future has in store.

Before New Years Eve we enjoyed a nice little retreat at my brothers cabin where I got to play with my adorable nephew and niece (though Lexi enjoyed playing with the boys more than me) then we drove down to celebrate my brothers wedding. They wanted to get married at 12:01 on 1/01/11. It was a great ceremony and with the help of a movie the boys were really good. (Hence no pictures of the older ones as they were glued to the TV) After we got a hotel room in the area so we weren't traveling so late and because we had a baptism for my nephew Treyton the next afternoon.
Porter was really good during the whole thing and awake, crazy kid!
He just LOVES his daddy and I love this picture!
Our traditions in the past is to get a hotel room New Years Eve and take the boys swimming etc... so we were able to stick with that and take them swimming New Years Day.

Hope Everyone is keeping up with their New Years Eve Goals:)


Brandi said...

I just love your little family! That picture of you and Porter is so cute, you look gorgeous!

Jen Johnson said...

lots of weddings! Crazy! Makes it fun though to PARTY! Porter is looking so big! Excited to you see you all.