Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Halloween

We had a great halloween! The boys picked out Dragon costumes, I told Allen, "They wont wear them, that they are just saying that because they see them now" He told me we would make them. I knew I wouldn't make them and OF COURSE they didn't wear them, not at ONE event and we have a LOT of Halloween parties. Brody for the most part ended up wearing his Teenage Mutant Ninja Costume from last year and Colby wore his Ninja costume from two years ago then an Iron Man costume I bought just to replace the mask for my nephew that Brody (of course) broke. Porter was Jack-Jack from Mr. Incredibles because he is of course, Incredible!!
TrickorTreating on Saturday night was COLD, my brother's family came over and joined us in our neighborhood, apparently it was the first time his kids trickertreating I think they seemed to have fun, because of the rain we went about a block if that and headed back to the house, let the kids watch a movie on the main level and the Adults went downstairs to watch a good movie! Fun night, we were initially going to be in St. George though, so really missing the good weather.
Oh and Porter looks shocked, scared etc.. in all the pictures, but I promise he was having fun.A video of Brody dancing at his school program


Jen Johnson said...

very cute!

Kandis & Derek said...

Such studs! Give them all kisses for me. Anytime they want to come stay with Aunt Kandis let me know!

Brandi said...

Love all those pics! Such a cute family!