Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Love This Season

This Season has been so fun!!! We had two wonderful weddings where we added two great brother-in-laws, one more official than the other one.

Congrats Whit and Kassieand Congrats Danny and Katie

We are so excited for you guys and had a great time at your weddings!!!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, celebrating with Allen's Family on Thursday and my family on Friday, two thanksgiving meals def didn't help on losing that baby weight!! Oh well, almost there.
After we had Colby's 8th Birthday and Baptism, I can't believe my baby is sooo big and this post is for him!!
Colby is 8
I can't believe my baby is Eight Years Old!! He is getting so big and we love everyday with him. (yes even the trying days).

It all started 8 years ago when I woke up and my water was leaking. I got ready for the day and told Allen to go to work, I would just go into the doctors and get checked out. Can anyone say DENIAL?? I wasn't having any contractions and I knew they told me that they wanted the baby to come within 24 hours after the water breaks, but I wasn't ready for him to come! With that being said it was actually good timing, further away from Christmas... I had already cleared off my desk... We had finished all our Christmas shopping the Saturday before.... We cleaned the house for my friends shower I was having at my house that night PLUS finished the babies rooms so I could show it off... Well after something like 20 plus hours of labor and the doctor threatening to C-Section me, Colby Trent Robins came into the world.
Eight Years Later and life has seemed to fly by. We are so grateful to have him in our family. I call him our protector because he is so concerned of others. He is doing Awesome at school and has such an amazing memory. He try's really hard to make the right choices even though his energetic self makes it hard sometimes:) My sister calls him a 40 year old in an 8 year old body, because of his personality. He never considered himself a kid and sometimes we do have to remind him of the fact!! He has inherited the art of negotiating and loves to prove people wrong. (and of course every 8 year old thinks he is right all the time, Oh Wait, I thought that was suppose to start at 14 LOL)

He is such a fun person, he loves to make sure we are safe and takes very good care of his brothers. Brody spends all day asking, "When does Colby get home from school?" and Porter gives him one of his biggest smiles and laughs whenever he comes into the room.

We have had a ton of fun adventures together and I have Loved seeing him grow and learn and be such an Awesome big brother. Note to Colby ----Some of the fun things you like to do at 8 are .... You are such an Awesome Basketball player and really enjoy that sport. You also love to play with your brothers and make them laugh. You are an excellant student and excel at Math, Science and Reading, you have one of those memories that people are jealous of!! You love playing with friends and sledding down our hill in the backyard, especially in the summer (yep my boys are expert sledders in the summer) You like to ride your bike and do all sorts of boy things. You are very good at art and we LOVE all the great notes you leave us around the house. We are so blessed to have you in our lifes and the great choices you make

Another great thing about 8 is that Colby was baptized!! He was so excited and I know he will continue to make great choices in his future. We had a wonderful day on his baptism and really appreciate the support Colby has of family and friends who came to celebrate with him. What a lucky boy he is and how lucky we are to have sooo many people Wanting to be involved in his life and ours.


Summer said...

Wow! I can't believe you really have an 8 year old ... he's a good looking kid! You have an adorable family and I'm happy to see a post on your blog :)

Kristen and Garrett Halligan said...

Ha that last picture so proved the 40 year old in him!

Darren and Mandi said...

Hey Heather! I'm so happy I found your blog! I admit that I blog-stalked a bit to do so lol I'm so excited to be able to read about your wonderful family and see pics of the boys growing up. Hope all is well for you guys! ps i cant believe colby is 8! He is so big and so handsome :) love you guys